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26 June 2015 - 0:00, by , in News, No comments
A mechanochemical synthetic method of preparing LiCoO2 coated by MOF-derived metal oxide composites is introduced. Mono-dispersed ZrO2 and Al2O3 are applied as protection layers. These composites show 148 mA h g1 at a current density of 2325 mA g1 and excellent thermal stability (55 8C). DOWNLOAD ARTICLE
6 June 2014 - 0:00, by , in News, No comments
A general method of preparing nanocomposites from a metal–organic framework coated with hydroxyl, pyrrolyl and/or carboxyl functionalized organics is introduced. Pyrolysis of these nanocomposites gives anode materials with improved discharge capacity (750 mA h g−1) and cyclability. They also show enhanced Coulombic efficiency over the initial 5–10 cycles and decreased internal impedance. DOWNLOAD ARTICLE
4 June 2014 - 0:00, by , in News, No comments
Researchers from Peking University and Beijing Institue of Technology have designed a Li-sulfur battery cathode based on sulfur and a metal-organic framework (MOF) host. In a paper in the RSC journal Energy & Environmental Science, the team reports high discharge capacities and long cycle life. Unlike an intercalation cathode which has an intrinsic host structure...